Friday, July 18, 2008

Play Food from Haba's Biofino

Today we unpacked some brand new pretend play food from the Germany company Haba. We may be a bit biased, but we think the Germans make the best toys, and Haba is a good example! For some reason, a lot of care and thought go into the design of toys from Germany. In stark contrast to the corporate mass-market toy industry, (which seems to think that every toy must be made from plastic and have it's own movie, television show, or slick commercial) the toys from Europe, and some small U.S. toy makers, are always more imaginative - and have great design and attention to detail. So it was no surprise that the unpacking of our latest shipment of pretend play food elicited lots of "oohs" and "ahhhs" as each little treasure was unwrapped.

First out of the shipping carton was a vegetable basket, with a wooden crate and six cloth vegetables and fruits. There was a leek amongst the goodies (shouldn't more children know what a leek is) and the banana could be un-peeled and removed from the peel! There were also two carrots and two tomatoes. All the pieces were very carefully sewn in felt fabric with a lot of fine detail so they all looked really realistic.

We also unpacked a bakery box of the most scrumptious-looking cupcakes, and a pretty box of nine Petit Fours, perfect for opening up your own bakery shop, or serving zero-calorie impromptu treats to your tea party guests.
Now, together with the burger & fries, the luncheon meats, wooden eggs, cheese slices, and weiner schnitzel (weiner schnitzel!!!) we have a great selection selection of Haba Biofina pretend food to complement our Dress-Up and Let's Pretend section of the store.

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  1. unfortunately olivia and I know a bit too much about "leaks"