Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cuddly Kaloo and Brainstonz too!

Finally a great weather day in Buffalo! With most of the kids playing outside, we were able to unpack our newest shipment of Kaloo. Now we've got an entire island in our store full of the softest, cutest, baby plush, complete with baby sofas and booties! We wish the sofas were bigger so we could curl up in one!

The mini plumes are simply precious with their tiny hands and feet coming out of a soft poof of brightly colored, and ridiculously luxurious soft plush.

Aside from the three giant boxes of Kaloo, we also received more Seapals! We just love the brightly colored sea creatures, that like Webkinz, are internet-enabled with their own virtual aquarium. They really add to our variety of stuffed animals. With our shelves restocked, Catherine finished the demolition of the old Keva Planks tower (on accident), and decided to build a castle turret.

Today we tested out a game we are going to be carrying called Pocket Farkel. It's a fun and quick dice game with the rules and scoring information right there on the package. Since she didn't get a chance to go up against Jerry in another round of Brainstonz, Catherine was able to show Candace the game and glean a small victory from that.

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