Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Careful, it's a Mighty World out there!

Our Mighty World display was in need of something fresh and the play table the company sent us did just that! Upon further inspection of our established Mighty World display, we figured a little reorganization wouldn't hurt either. We were able to spend the morning constructing the table and rearranging some of our own displays. Once the "putting together" work was done, we opened some of the toys!

The coolest feature of the Mighty World collection, is all the little pieces that come with each set and the accompanying attention to detail. Tom's ATV Adventure comes with everything you need to make it through harsh woodland areas. From the gas can to the tiny map of Europe, Tom has got it all. Catherine got a kick out of the ATV which has shocks that really move the wheels up and down to compensate for any kind of travel. If he happens to get a flat tire, never fear, Tom's kit comes with a real working tire iron and four spare tires! Unfortunately, while Tom does not have to worry about where he's driving, he does have to watch his speed. . . "License and registration please?"

Officer Wade is loving his new Patrol Car which can be made into a convertible, when the siren isn't going off that is! He can ride in style and catch the bad guys. The Patrol Car's doors open and close, the license plate can be switched out for a towing hook-up, and both the engine and wheels can be removed for closer inspection!

Meanwhile, on the northwest corner of the Mighty World play table, Megan and Sean are doing some marine research. Sean is in charge of the boat and its search light, while Megan gets to go for a swim with the dolphins, photographing any major developments! The boat was Catherine's favorite with its twin motors and movable search light.

Megan comes in SCUBA gear, but you can put her mask on or off by switching her hair! She goes from the dry, stylish Nancy Drew look, to the underwater investigator, complete with tubes that hook up to her SCUBA tank. Say "cheese" Flipper!

Stop in and see the selection of fun Mighty World toys that we have, and ask us about the free-gift-by-mail promotion they are running for a limited time!

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