Monday, June 30, 2008


Saturday night was intermittently rainy, (what weird weather we've been having this summer) so we had our Bananagrams game out. We like to play in our store as much as the customers do! Catherine decided to have some fun and instead of playing a full game, she attempted to use all 144 tiles in one giant crossword. It was a pleasant work in progress the whole day. We started with a large handful of tiles and were lucky enough to find all the letters to spell "exsanguinate". Needless to say, this was our starting word! By the end of her shift Catherine had successfully completed the crossword which included words such as swain, quirk, and zephyr.
Aside from the Bananagrams wordy madness, we put together our HaPe Bamboo Collection display, putting out a bunch of cool mosaic works and games made out of brightly colored bamboo. The green and orange boxes brighten up our game section! Catherine has decided after a full weekend at The Good Toy Shop, that having the Kitchen Littles display right by the register makes her hungry for an after school snack like when she was in elementary school.