Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Double Shutter Shut-Out!

After unpacking the explosion of Creativity for Kids merchandise, we fell upon our newest arrival, Double Shutter. A toy test was absolutely necessary! Double Shutter is the next step up from the classic Shut the Box. Instead of having just one row of numbers to worry about, Double Shutter has two beautiful rows of high quality resin similar to dominoes, which produce a satisfying "clack" when flipped down onto their wooden base. The trick in this game is that you have to uncover the numbers in the second row before you can use them! This game can be played by a limitless number of people, depending on everyone's ability to wait their turn, or solitaire style, "Can YOU shut the Super Box?"

The object of the game is to try to put as many tiles down as possible. When a player rolls the dice and is unable to shut any tiles, their turn is over and the remaining tiles are added up to equal their score. The winner of the game is the one with the lowest overall score!

Catherine is getting really tired of reporting that Jerry has once again emerged victorious. We had both never played before so Jerry went first. He shut the entire Super Box on his first try! That gave Jerry a final score of 0, which Catherine had to get on her turn as well if she hoped to push Jerry into Round 2. When his final tiles were clacked into place he asked, "What now? Do I get people dancing around me declaring me Champion?"

We are currently considering if Jerry should get his own special Champion hat.

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