Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Rainy Day!

Ogo Sport is in! Yesterday Alex and Jerry decided to play a quick game of bouncy catch outside in the sun. Today we still wanted to play, so we just had to be careful of the in-store displays... Our success rate of not hitting something was about 50/50, lots of laughs are a good way to get into any morning! The Copter Ball has the coolest opening effect, it really flies like a helicopter. Yesterday Alex decided to play with the Keva Planks. With the semi-demolition of our old tower, she crafted a Roman temple, complete with iconic columns!

Today Catherine discovered the Sticky Mosaic Jewelry Box and had a bit of an arts and crafts morning in-between helping our customers. Hopefully she can crack out the Yoho! Diabolo later and learn some new tricks.

It's official, Jerry is the Master of Games. Catherine has to step it up if she's going to beat him at Brainstonz, another strategy game that just arrived. She's been bested at 59 Seconds and Pile It! Now she must begin training (or at least a lot of playing) if she hopes to become the new Good Toy Shop Champion. This past week has been crazy with all of our cool new arrivals. There's almost too many toys for us to play with!

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