Friday, July 10, 2009

New 3D puzzles create replicas of Famous Buildings

We received some wicked cool 3D Building puzzle kits today! Made from a type of foam with a paper overlay, you carefully pop the (many) pieces out, and assemble the buildings in stages. For our in-store display sample we opened up the Empire State Building package.

We started by spreading all the foam frames out on the counter-top, and studied the simple diagrams. You might be tempted to pop all the pieces out immediate, but we were glad we didn't as the pieces are numbered on the frame- not on the actual piece. You need to pop them out as you use them. This is a great project for adults, teens, and tweens that have patience and enjoy model making.

It took us about an hour to assemble our 20 inch Empire State Building. But, that was with frequent interruptions from customers and curious onlookers. As you can see from the photo, the building goes up in stages, and then the final pieces were added with crowning glory.

There are six different models...
Empire State Building
The White House
Eiffel Tower
Statue Of Liberty
The US Capital
The Chrysler Building

We laughed at the age recommendation on the box, that advised "for ages 5 and up." Ages 10 and up would be more realistic. You really do need to be careful pulling the pieces apart and bending them along the creases.

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