Saturday, March 21, 2009

The evolution of the Tomy Waterful 1970-2009

Waterfuls were what us older kids played with in the mid to late 70's before we had mind-dissolving video games like pong!

Waterfuls were plastic hand-held water filled toys by Tomy. They came in various shapes and sizes, typically smaller cylinders and larger rectangles. The basic was a ball catch, but other themes themes ranged from sports - basketball, soccer, ring toss, fishing and many more.

Fill the chamber with water, and then press the button to use jets of water to launch a basketball into a hoop, play ring toss, or tic tac toe.

It was terribly exciting.

We must have been badly deprived back then.

While surfing for images of Waterfuls, we ran across a few variations we had never seen before, like this PacMan inspired Waterful! We don't quite understand the logic of slapping an electronic video game license on a water-filled toy, but they probably sold truckloads of them.
Did you have one of these?

Many of our customers have been surprised to find Tomy Waterfuls on our shelves. Like Erector, Calico Critters, and Slinky, some toys never go out of style, and Waterfuls continue to be one of our top-selling novelty toys.

This year's incarnation sports a Pirate theme tic-tac-toe, and an Underwater Adventure themed Ring Toss. That seems to make a lot more sense than a "Guitar Hero" brand Waterful!

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  1. This brings back wunderful memories... yeah, yeah... bad joke :) But seriously, these games kept me occupied and entertained for a long time when I was younger.

  2. Waterfuls are hand held water filled with water. Most of the kids in late 70 were playing with that. You can see different waterful here. Have a look at some of those.